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Lautering Bytes Crew Profiles

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Rando Evans was born in a log cabin by the Los Angeles river. He was raised in the art of street bat fighting beginning at the age of 4 to help fend off the family garden from sewer mutants. He was soon shipped off to a small region near Shangri-La to fight in cage battles against oversized chickens to provide money for his brother, at the time, training to become a master LEGO builder. After a few more underwhelming events, Rando eventually became a games journalist and a podcast host.

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Besides gaming and filmmaking, Matt enjoys drawing cats in his spare time.

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Born and raised in L.A., Christopher experienced many of the turmoil that went on during the late '80s and all throughout the '90s to be shaped into the man he is today, a recluse who wants nothing more than to play video games and live as far away from L.A. as he can!  Beside gaming for many years, Chris also has more than 4 years of QA experience under his belt.  Console, handheld, website, flash, Chris has tested on all types of platforms and with various developers such as EA, Nexon, and Pandemic.  His time at Pandemic solidified his desire to make a game, whereas his last testing gig at Spin Master studios solidified his desire to go the indie route.  Besides gaming, Chris enjoys eating great food, wine tasting, reading, pleasuring his wife, playing board games and being a Dad.

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Brian has been a gamer since the age of 3. He interned at G4tv during his senior year of college and now works for Bioware as a Community Representative. Brian is the news guy and he also happens to be in charge of this blog, so if you have any feedback, get in touch with him.