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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Episode 27: Minority Report

Ep. 27: Minority Report
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Duration 66:57 m

Rando is in San Francisco for a Kalypso-related event, and Brian is in the desert licking toads on The Old Republic-related business, so we have a very special and diverse game podcast for you! Korean, Indian, Mexican roots (and Matt) all mesh together to discuss Resident Evil 6, the SOPA/PIPA issues, Dead Space, Dark Void 0, and Final Fantasy XIII-2, while Clyde Kim talks about his ten year break from gaming and his experiences in the new world of gaming. Don't worry, we talk about food too! Sudeep educates you on fresh fruit and produce, and how to get a hold of the good stuff (aka - not finding tomatoes on the ground after the neighborhood fruit truck passes through). Oh yeah, and everyone is drinking some leftover ale. Enjoy!

Sudeep Gundham, Clyde Kim, Christopher Nieto, Matthew Netzley

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