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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Episode 12: Food in Video Games and Jelly Belly Soda

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Duration: 56:10 m

Drink: Jelly Belly Soda

El Queso returns with cooking tips for all you gamers out there - how to spice up your dishes and improve them in a simple matter. At the same time we talk about... more food, like In n' Out and Burgertime HD. We even talk about Portal 2 solely so Rando can rant about Garfield some more. Grilled cheese, Tapatio, Cooking Mama, Ground Kontrol in Portland, and other topics like why they would ever change Dr. Robotnik's name to Eggman can be heard. During the madness we down a couple Jelly Belly sodas and tell you why they actually taste good. We also talk about Call of Juarez and Bastion... I think.

Hosted by: Rando Evans, Matthew Netzley, Brian Phan, and guest El Queso

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