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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Episode 12: Food in Video Games and Jelly Belly Soda

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Duration: 56:10 m

Drink: Jelly Belly Soda

El Queso returns with cooking tips for all you gamers out there - how to spice up your dishes and improve them in a simple matter. At the same time we talk about... more food, like In n' Out and Burgertime HD. We even talk about Portal 2 solely so Rando can rant about Garfield some more. Grilled cheese, Tapatio, Cooking Mama, Ground Kontrol in Portland, and other topics like why they would ever change Dr. Robotnik's name to Eggman can be heard. During the madness we down a couple Jelly Belly sodas and tell you why they actually taste good. We also talk about Call of Juarez and Bastion... I think.

Hosted by: Rando Evans, Matthew Netzley, Brian Phan, and guest El Queso

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Episode 11: Zelda: Ocarina of Time and other 3DS Classics

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Duration: 51:10 m

Food: Chili
Drink: Sasparilla

With Matt nearly passed out from dysentery, we chow down on some homemade chili (which did not cause the said dysentery) with the mysterious special guest star El Queso. Learn how to make chili, with a spiciness that will sneak up on you, just like Solid Snake would… which means we also talk about Snake Eater for 3DS… We even talk about the PopCap EA buyout, Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS, Shadows of the Dammed and… who knows what else. But there's food, video games, and soda pop(inski). We also have a slew of other easy to make dishes and recipes, so come along with us on this video game culinary journey we call episode 11!

Hosted by: Rando Evans, Matthew Netzley, Brian Phan, and guest El Queso

Food Recipe: Beef Stew by El Queso

1 to 2 pounds of stewing meat
2 carrots
1 whole onion
2 potatoes (preferably Idaho potatoes)
2 stalks of celery
1 can or box of beef stock
2 tablespoon of flour
1 tablespoon of butter
Salt and Pepper ( 2 to 3 pinches of each)

First off cut all veggies roughly the same sizes as the stewing meat, bite size.

Add the butter to a large pot over medium, once the butter is melted add the stewing meat to the pot, season with salt and pepper and cook the meat until brown, stirring occasionaly to prevent sticking.

Once the meat is brown, stir in the flour until a paste forms, this is your roux (thickening agent)

Add the veggies, beef stock, stir everything together while raising the heat to high. Let the liquid come to a rolling boil then reduce the heat to very low, cover the pot and let it simmer until the meat is so tender you can cut it with a fork.

Notes: You can substitute the butter with olive oil or any other fat if you're watching your fat intake.

Beef stock usually comes in a box or can, you just want to make sure you have enough stock or liquid to completely cover your ingredients in the pot and then some. If you're watching your sodium intake you can substitute regular beef stock with reduced sodium beef stock, or you can use half a can/box of the beef stock and use 1 to 2 cups of water to completely cover the meat and veggies in liquid.

Food Recipe: Chicken Stir Fry by El Queso

This is another easy receipe to make that is low in fat and tasty. Feel free to use any veggies you want just make sure it's all cut roughly the same size so everything cooks evenly.

1 pound of chicken
1/2 a cabbage
1/2 an onion
1 zucchini
1 carrot
1 head of broccoli
1 teaspoon of oil
1/4 cup of water
Soy Sauce and Rice Wine Vinegar to taste

Start off by cutting up your vegetables and chicken into bite size strips that are roughly the same size. Be sure to prepare the veggies and chicken separately to avoid cross contamination. If you happen to prepare the chicken first, wash everything in hot soapy water including the knife and cutting board. You don't want to get your guests and yourself sick with samonella poisoning.

Once all your prep is done, add oil to a skillet or saute pan and set your flame at medium high. Once your pan is hot enough, you'll notice that the oil moves around smoothly and rapidly, add your chicken. Add a few pinches of salt and pepper and keep the chicken until it's a light brown. Because the chicken is the size of small strips it should cook quickly.

Once the chicken is a light brown, turn your heat up to high, toss your veggies in and continuing stirring to keep everything moving. Cook the veggies for about 2 mins. then add your liquids. The amount of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar depends on how much sauce and flavoring you want. Since both are high in sodium start off with a tablespoon each and go up from there to get to your desired taste. Again, keep everything moving at a high heat and constant pace. Because the pan is at a high heat the water will essentially steam all the veggies and cook off the chicken if it's still a bit underdone. Keep everything moving until your cabbage is has wilted a bit and your onions are translucent.

Take the stir fry off the heat and serve over a bed of rice, enjoy!

Notes: This receipe calls for oil but if you have a non-stick skillet or saute pan you can omit the oil and make due with water and other liquids. Because everything is cut into bite sized strips the cooking times will be fast, between 2 to 5 mins. If you think you have too many ingredients for your pan, half the receipe.

Food Recipe: Quick and Easy Spaghetti Sauce by El Queso

3 roma tomatoes
1 can of crushed tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
1 onion
tablespoon of olive oil
salt, pepper, oregano, sage and parsley to taste

First off, get your saute or shallow pan ready by adding the olive oil and heating it up over medium heat until the oil spreads and moves around quickly in the pan.

Dice your garlic into small bits or better yet go the goodfellas route and slice it very thin. Add this to your hot pan and set the heat to low to allow the garlic to cook and steep in the hot oil. Enjoy the garlic aroma that will engulf your kitchen!

Next, dice your onion and tomatoes. If you like your sauce chunky feel free to do a medium to large dice, if not small is fine.

Raise the heat to a medium high and add your onions to the pan, stirring and cooking them until the onions are translucent. Stir in the crushed tomatoes and add all the seasonings to taste. It's best to add small amounts of each season until you reach the desired taste. Once you get the taste down, stir in your tomatoes and bring the sauce to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer until the tomates are soft.

Allow to cool and pour over your favorite past and enjoy!

Notes: If the sauce is too thick add some water, if its too thin after adding the tomatoes let some of the moisture cook off.

When it comes to herbs and spices, fresh are the best way to go but dry spices work just as well and maybe cheaper.

Adding the tomatoes towards the end of the cooking time will let the tomatoes become soft but not mushy.

This is a very versatile sauce and can be used for lasagna, chicken and eggplant parmesean, baked ziti, and whatever pasta you enjoy.

Because this is a base receipe you can add other ingredients like mushrooms, more garlic, parmesean or romano cheese, red chilli flakes, or even more garlic to personalize your sauce.

If you want to add any meats like ground beef, turkey or italian sausage make sure you add it when cooking the onions. Be sure to cook the meat thoroughly and drain any excess fat to keep the sauce from being too heavy or oily.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Episode 10: Superheroes and Board Games

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Duration: 29:17 m

The Lautering Bytes crew (along with guest star Clyde Kim of Chucking Dice) chat about superhero games and take a break from talking about food and drink for an episode (bear with us!). Things get out of hand as Matt tries to show them his homemade Iron Man armor; Jon Favreau gets jealous. They make brief mention of the all-time favorite superhero: Batman Jones. Batman Arkham Asylum, Thor, City of Heroes, and DC Universe Online are all mentioned at some point, and Rando threatens to dress up as the BK King and solve crimes. They even go old school!

Hosted by: Rando Evans, Matthew Netzely, Brian Phan, and guest Clyde Kim from Chucking Dice

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Episode 9: Of Consoles and Cocktails

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Duration: 29:17 m

You may have had too much to drink over the 4th of July, but we serve up some cocktails and discuss the wonders of alcoholic mixes and give you some recipes you can try at home. The Lautering Bytes crew debates the most influential console systems and tries not to pass out on their mics. They also discuss the future of 3D, Nintendo, and portable systems in general. They even sing!

Hosted by: Rando Evans, Matthew Netzley, and Foxy